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Round 1 Gaming
Favorite Smash Bros Character  

"In anticipation for the New Super Smash Bros Wii U, we honor the great game of Smash and a bracket of 32 of your Favorite Smash Bros characters from the Original, Melee, and Brawl."

Round 2 TV, Movies & Film
Best Idol Contestants  

"Vote in each round for which Idol contestant is better!"

Round 2 Humor
Myers Baby #2  

"Help us decide on a name for Campbell's little sister."

Round 2 Celebrities & Pop Culture
Jerk Tournament  

"Vote for the most impressive jerks of all time."

Round 1 Music
Best Coldplay Song  

"What is the best Coldplay song out there right now?"

Round 2 Animals
The Greatest Donkey Name of All Time  

"We've all considered purchasing a trusty donkey but most, if not all, are given pause when choosing the perfect name. Naming a new donkey, like installing a new heart in your beloved grandmother, is very challenging and should only be attempted by those familiar with decision trees. This bracket will remove the difficulty for you and leave you and your brand new donkey free to explore one another's emotional landscape(s). "

Final Round Humor
FuquaVision 2009 March Madness  

"Have a favorite Fuqua Vision video? Vote for your top ones and share with your friends at reunion. We'll put together a show with a good selection of videos to bring great memories back (Note: Your vote is important to us. However, all voting is subject to final veto by those behind the curtain. Sincerely, FuquaVision)"

Round 3 Travel
Favorite Airliner  

"We vote for our favorite airliner and the airliners we'd like to see PMDG make. The winner will be an excellent representation of the community's hopes, so that the PMDG team can smile and say "Look how cute they are, they think this will sway our development schedule...""

Round 2 Music
Best Pop- Punk Bands   

"Pick your favorite pop- punk bands and find out who will come out victorious! "

Final Round Celebrities & Pop Culture
Sexiest Man In Sports Media  

"One thing is clear, women love sports too! And there sure is a lot of eye candy on TV while getting those updates or watching our favorite sports! Our ears also get in the act by being seduced while listening to sports talk on the radio! But who is THE hottest man in Sports Media? That is where your help is needed to decide. Nominees are local & national but ALL were nominated because something about them gets females paying attention to sports! VOTE NOW! "

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