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Round 2 Business
Production Company Name Ideas  

"Vote for the video production company names you feel sound the best, look the best written out, and give the best word picture. The winner isn't instantly the name of the production company, but how the voting goes definitely gives an idea of which names are more or less popular, which will certainly sway the overall outcome. No trolling please, only serious voting."

Round 1 Geek
Super Hero vs Super Villian  

"Villains & Heroes. Everyone Against Everyone - No Holds Barred!"

Round 1 Geek
The Sinister 64  

"Super Villain time!"

Round 1 Music
Greatest Artist/Group of All Time, "Classic Hits" Style  

"This bracket has been formed to see who you, the fans, believe is the greatest artist/band of all time."

Round 1 Music
Best One-Word Song Title  

"You can vote for you favorite song! All the songs in this bracket contain one-word titles, so vote for the best song with the catchiest and baddest song title out there! May the best song win!"

Round 1 Gaming
Favorite Smash Bros Character  

"In anticipation for the New Super Smash Bros Wii U, we honor the great game of Smash and a bracket of 32 of your Favorite Smash Bros characters from the Original, Melee, and Brawl."

Round 3 TV, Movies & Film
Best Idol Contestants  

"Vote in each round for which Idol contestant is better!"

Round 3 Humor
Myers Baby #2  

"Help us decide on a name for Campbell's little sister."

Round 3 Celebrities & Pop Culture
Jerk Tournament  

"Vote for the most impressive jerks of all time."

Round 2 Music
Best Coldplay Song  

"What is the best Coldplay song out there right now?"

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