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Round 1 TV, Movies & Film
Den Episke Filmklub D. 10 Maj 2014  


Round 1 TV, Movies & Film
Best Pornstar Challenge Part 1  

"Vote on your favorite pornstars! Complete Both brackets 1 AND 2 and I will post a final matchup of the winners of each!"

Round 1 Food & Drink
Candy Tournament  

"Witch candy is supreme?"

Round 1 Geek
Super Hero vs Super Villian  

"Villains & Heroes. Everyone Against Everyone - No Holds Barred!"

Round 1 Geek
The Sinister 64  

"Super Villain time!"

Round 1 Music
Greatest Artist/Group of All Time, "Classic Hits" Style  

"This bracket has been formed to see who you, the fans, believe is the greatest artist/band of all time."

Round 1 Music
Best One-Word Song Title  

"You can vote for you favorite song! All the songs in this bracket contain one-word titles, so vote for the best song with the catchiest and baddest song title out there! May the best song win!"

Round 1 Gaming
Favorite Smash Bros Character  

"In anticipation for the New Super Smash Bros Wii U, we honor the great game of Smash and a bracket of 32 of your Favorite Smash Bros characters from the Original, Melee, and Brawl."

Round 3 TV, Movies & Film
Best Idol Contestants  

"Vote in each round for which Idol contestant is better!"

Round 3 Humor
Myers Baby #2  

"Help us decide on a name for Campbell's little sister."

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