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Round 2 Holidays & Events
Your Favorite Christmas Song: Quickly!  

"Since Public Bracketeers is shutting down soon, I figured I might as well determine the best Christmas song. The bracket was supposed to end on December 25, but I doubt Bracketeers will be around until then. I still want to know, though, and I want you all to know, too! So for my last bracket on this beloved website, I give you. Your favorite Christmas song with the ones remaining."

Round 2 Art
BBT: Showcase Tournament of Plastic Heroes and Toy Evil  

"Zaxarycustoms.webs.com is back with another BBT tournament! Cast your votes for the figures you like think are the best and see who wins! The winner of this tournament will be crowned the NEW World Champion. @ZacharyArmor for the tweetings and http://www.facebook.com/pages/Brain-Busterz/164236786967192 "

Round 3 Art


Round 2 TV, Movies & Film
Animation Characters  

"Preferred animation characters"

Round 3 Other
VXI: Leave the Kids with the Grandparents  

"Picking options for Vegas XI."

Round 3 Music
Favorite Lyric Video  

"Vote for your favorite lyric music videos for your favorite songs in this bracket. "

Round 3 Music
311 Tattoo Gallery  

"This bracket will decide the next cover photo of the 311 Tattoos facebook page!!"

Final Round TV, Movies & Film
Best Movie  

"Vote for your favorite movie!"

Round 4 Music
Best Music Video - Summer 2014  

"You can vote for your favorite new music video of the summer that's hot right now. Vote as often as you'd like and may the best video win!"

Round 5 Food & Drink
Burger Wellington Burgers  

"Vote on the Burgers"

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