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Round 4 Other
Ideal Type World Cup  

"32 of the sexiest and prettiest idols fight for the Ideal Type World Cup championship"

Final Round Sports
Giocatore dell'anno 2013 Nuovo  

"Vota il giocatore italiano dell'anno tra 16 protagonisti della Serie A Beko scelti da legabasket.it tra i vincitori dei riconoscimenti individuali della stagione e gli azzurri della Nazionale (prima squadra e Under 20). "

Round 5 Holidays & Events
Your Favorite Christmas Song  

"I'm not ready for Christmas to be over yet, so vote for your favorite Christmas songs. This will also serve as somewhat of a countdown to next Christmas with the rounds coming at various dates throughout the year, with the winner being announced on Christmas, 2014. Yes, that means the Hannukah song, Auld Lang Syne, and whatever jumble is out there now-a-days. Sorry if I forgot some good ones, but don't worry! They're still good, even if they're not in the top 64. (Lookin' at you, Christmas in Kilarney. Oh, hey there, Up on the Rooftop.) Happy holidays!"

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