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What are the best tools to use with Discovery Education media? The 16 tools in this bracket were shared by members as their favorites. Now it's time for the DEN Community to vote for their favorite in each round until the ultimate champion is crowned.


Prezi is a great presentation tool that allows the integration of many kinds of multimedia, including images and video from Discovery Education. - Web-based, ease of access to presentations - Prezi makes my students approach their presentations with a different mindset - Prezi challenges students to design how they will present content - The collaborate/share feature perfect for group projects -Users can different permission levels for each/individual presentations - Zooming adds a visual element missing from other presentation applications. It also helps to focus audience attention on key details.


Edmodo is an educational social networking platform that allows me and my students to connect and collaborate anytime, anyplace, and anywhere. Edmodo and Discovery Education are great educational partners. I'm able to post Discovery Education materials onto Edmodo to differentiate instruction for my students based upon their individual academic needs as well as their personal learning passions. I'm also able to flip my science class using Edmodo and Discovery Education videos. I can post videos and assessments from Discovery to my Edmodo page for student to link to. There is also a fabulous Discovery Education support group that teachers can join on Edmodo. The Discovery staff and fellow teachers answer questions, provide support, and share ideas on how to incorporate Discovery Education into your curriculum area. I'd be lost without both. Edmodo and Discovery Education were a match made in the cloud!